Check Point Endpoint Security™

Check Point Endpoint Security™ is the first single agent for total endpoint security that combines the industry leading encryption, port control, highest-rated desktop, firewall, network access control (NAC), program control, anti-virus, anti-spyware, data security and remote access. It protects your data, your endpoints and your network so you can reduce management complexity and cost. With Check Point Endpoint Security, you get best-of-breed endpoint security components, consolidated into a single, easy-to-manage solution that can reduce both procurement and ongoing maintenance and management costs.

Prevent data loss and theft - Data breaches can damage corporate reputations and expose enterprises to litigation under new data privacy laws. Check Point Endpoint Security includes data security for PCs and laptops to prevent data breach exposure from lost or stolen PCs.

Protect endpoint systems and the network from malware attacks -
as these attacks continue to increase in number and complexity, reactive approaches are becoming less effective as the sole solution. The multilevel defenses in Check Point Endpoint Security uses a combination of signature detection, heuristic analysis, and advanced program control policies – backed by real-time security update services -- to terminate malicious programs before they can inflict damage.

Enable secure remote access - Check Point Endpoint Security includes a fully integrated SSL or IPSec VPN component that shares the same end-user interface and system tray icon. This also stops unsafe PCs from infecting your enterprise network.

Encryption as a Service
Let Brite Manage your End Points and Your End Point Security

For clients that desire the leading end point security capabilities provided by Check Point, but don’t have or want to use internal resources, Brite offers Encryption as a Service (EaaS).

Brite’s EaaS Includes:

• Full Check Point End Point Security Suite, including encryption
• Company specific security policies
• Custom reports delivered monthly
• Quarterly business reviews
• Simple onboarding process for managed and un-managed assets
• 24/7 Help Desk, including password resets
• Zero hardware infrastructure required

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