The New Age of Sharing Cyber Security Data

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TODAY’S BLOG IS BROUGHT TO BY JONATHAN BORGESEN.  JONATHAN IS AN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE AT BRITE THAT FOCUSES ON ENTERPRISE SIZED CUSTOMERS.  HE IS IN TUNE WITH WHAT GROWING COMPANIES NEED TO MAINTAIN A SECURE ENVIRONMENT.   Historically,  one of the largest obstacles for cyber security professionals to deal with was the lack of automated data sharing… Read more »

What You May Not Know About Managed IT Services

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Today’s blog is brought to you by John LaBombard. John has been an engineer on Brite’s Managed Services Team for 7 years. Companies seem to be leery of making the leap to using a managed service provider (MSP) for their company’s IT due to misconceptions and fears. With the rapid rate that business technologies change… Read more »

Everybody Needs Something – Endpoint Security

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Matt Dehond. Matt has been apart of Brite’s security team for over 2 years. Cyber-attacks have become the norm. Organizations are aware of the ongoing threats day in and day out, but there is an undeniably scary trend. Prevention of attacks should be the priority, but too many… Read more »

I Bet You Never Knew THIS About Clickbait

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“How To Lose 10 Pounds FAST!” “You Will Never Guess What This Star Did” “22 Of the Cutest Animals Ever…. Wait to see #17” We have all seen titles like this.  They often populate the bottom section of relatively legitimate articles under the guise of “Related Content”.  With the effectiveness of Google tracking , there… Read more »

Where Has Your Data Gone?

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TODAY’S BLOG IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY RYAN CONLEY, AN ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE AT BRITE COMPUTERS.   In one day 3,776, 738 records are compromised. We all know the threat to data that ransomware, phishing emails and third party vendors present.  The news reminds us of it every day.  What is not so commonly mentioned is insider threats. Now,… Read more »

Phishing Emails Are Getting Smarter – Are You?

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Mike White.  Mike’s focus is providing the tri-state area with effective cyber security solutions.   We are all aware of the threat of phishing attacks. It is sometimes assumed that technical minded people are invincible to phishing attacks, but even the most savvy can be duped. The latest phishing… Read more »

Who is your weakest link?

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Randie VanEtten.  Randie is an IT Sales Account Executive and has been with Brite for 11 years.   We’ve all heard the phrase “You’re only as strong as your weakest link”. In the IT Security world the “weakest link” could end up costing an organization hundreds of thousands, if not millions… Read more »

IoT: Securing the Unknown

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Matt Dehond.  Matt has been a part of Brite’s security team for 2 years.   Technology is an ever-changing field. The world has become more and more dependent on technology to get us through our daily tasks. While this has made life easier for most people and businesses, it also creates… Read more »