What You May Not Know About Managed IT Services

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Today’s blog is brought to you by John LaBombard. John has been an engineer on Brite’s Managed Services Team for 7 years. Companies seem to be leery of making the leap to using a managed service provider (MSP) for their company’s IT due to misconceptions and fears. With the rapid rate that business technologies change… Read more »

How Much are Your Systems Really Costing You?

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The Perks of Managed Services and Hardware Refreshes IT is a powerful component in business. For SMBs in particular, IT can be that game-changer that helps their organizations keep pace with competitors. It drives profits, empowers organizations, and connects workforces, but it can also lead to major financial losses if not maintained, managed and utilized… Read more »


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In our last blog, we talked about what is next in advanced authentication. We explored digital wallets, smartphones and one-time passwords. These are all innovative technologies that add an important layer of security to verification process. And although the logic behind implementing an advanced authentication technique seems obvious, it isn’t always easy to get it… Read more »

The Difference Between Just-In-Time Action and A Missed Opportunity

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In the world of business, visibility delivers relevant insight, which can be the difference between just-in-time action and a missed opportunity. Many security and network administrators are facing up to an underlying shift in enterprise traffic: a growing portion of it is encrypted within SSL. According to an independent study done by NSS Labs, anywhere… Read more »

Controlling Your Data

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IT organizations struggle to answer fundamental questions about their data centers like “What assets do I have, and how are they connected?” and “Where are they located, and how are they being used?” Manual data collection methods cannot keep pace with today’s complex and dynamic IT environments. The result? Unreliable data and too much guesswork… Read more »

Data loss: An expensive mistake

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Protecting your company’s sensitive information, and its bottom line, often comes down to how well you can secure your IT. How important is it? 47 percent of CIOs surveyed in a recent CIO Tech Poll: IT Economic Outlook say they expect their IT budgets to grow, with an increase in spending by about 5 percent…. Read more »

Managed Services: Can you afford the alternative?

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When making decisions that positively affect the bottom line, it’s clear that companies appreciate not only the technical benefits of using a managed services provider but also the fiscal. Here are the numbers from a recent CompTIA survey of over 400 businesses using managed services providers (MSP): 46% have reduced their budgets by at least… Read more »