The Silent Witness: Changing how the Public and Police Interact

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Prominent cases involving law enforcement has led to closer scrutinization of police behavior. Accusations of misconduct against an officer can cost departments millions of dollars. Investigations can be lengthy and complicated when there are conflicting accounts of what happened. Fortunately, the introduction of body-worn cameras with the in-car video system can provide objective details of… Read more »

Body Worn Cameras: All Angles to Consider

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In today’s blog Lindsey Cooksey, Brite’s Eastern  Public Safety Manager, touches on major points most have overlooked with Body Worn Camera technology. Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are the latest hot topic technology being called for and implemented as part of a police officer’s uniform. With recent shootings and other officer involved incidents sparking outcry from communities… Read more »

What Triggers You?

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Our blog is brought to you by our Public Safety Inside Sales Support, Conor Smith.  Public Safety officers deal with a variety of situations every single shift. To help protect them and the citizens, many departments are beginning to implement cameras in the field. These cameras are put in the squad vehicles and now being… Read more »

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Device for Mobile Wireless Connection

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Need help choosing the correct device for mobile connectivity? Today’s Blog is brought to you by Norby Repinske, an Account Executive at Brite Computers. The mobile work force relies heavily on cellular connectivity to provide internet access anywhere in the field. It is especially important that these workers are connected at all times. Police officers… Read more »