Bromium vSentry software transforms endpoint security with a revolutionary new architecture that focuses on protection through hardware-enforced isolation. vSentry protects desktops and laptops without requiring signatures or updates. It defeats and automatically discards malware, eliminating the need for costly remediation.


vSentry empowers users to access the information they need without putting your enterprise at risk. Because it is transparent to users, it enhances their productivity and offers them the flexibility to work anywhere — from home, hotels, airports or cafes — without worrying about security.

vSentry is built on the Bromium Microvisor, a Xen-based, security-focused hypervisor designed to automatically isolate each vulnerable user task, such as visiting a website, opening a document or accessing a USB drive. Malware entering a micro-VM cannot modify the operating system or gain access to local or enterprise data or network infrastructure. Whenever an isolated task attempts to access files, networks, devices or the clipboard, or to interact with the user, the hardware interrupts execution and passes control to the micro-visor, which applies task-specific policies on a strictly “need-to-know” basis.

Traditional security solutions rely on detection of malicious content and often fail to block attacks that use unknown “zero-day” exploits or advanced persistent threats (APTs). Bromium uses isolation to stop known and unknown attacks without disrupting the user experience. In addition, Bromium streamlines IT processes, reducing and even eliminating:

  • Compromises on endpoints
  • Costly remediation and re-imaging
  • The need for urgent security-related patching
  • The noise and cost of security alerts and the wasted effort of chasing false positives

Organizations improve their security while lowering their costs and increasing productivity.