Don’t wait crucial minutes for detection.  Use SandBlast for absolute prevention.

Test Your System

Ransomware and advanced persistent threats are terrorizing every organization from small business to health care to large enterprises.  Traditional detection through emulation leaves your organization open for critical minutes if not hours.  Check Point SandBlast provides the only true prevention for both the end point and the network.


Prevent Zero-Day attacks and Patient-Zero infections with an industry-first combination of Threat Extraction and Emulation. Immediately provide safe, reconstructed content to users, while the original file is fully analyzed.


Detect and contain infected hosts with the unique Multi-Tier ThreatSpect™ engine, block bot communications and quarantine files to minimize damage.


Analyze & correlate security events across the enterprise via a comprehensive timeline, investigate infections with detailed logs to assess damage, and remediate infections with a single click.


Threat Prevention Appliances

Protect your entire enterprise with a SandBlast appliance sized for your environment. Learn More

SandBlast Agent

Provide unique SandBlast protection for your end points even when they are off the network. Learn More