A bot is malicious software that allows cybercriminals to remotely control computers and execute illegal activities such as stealing data, spreading spam and distributing malware. Check Point Anti-Bot security software detects bot-infected machines, prevents bot damages by blocking bot C&C communications, and is continually updated from ThreatCloud, the first collaborative network to fight cybercrime.


Discover bot outbreaks, detect Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks and stop bot damage

  • Detect infected hosts with unique Multi-Tier ThreatSpect™ engine
  • Combine information on remote operator hideouts, botnet communication patterns and attack behavior to accurately identify bot outbreaks
  • Receive up-to-the-minute bot intelligence from the ThreatCloud knowledge base
  • Prevent damage by blocking bot communication between infected hosts and a remote operator

Real-time security intelligence delivered from ThreatCloud

  • Leverage industry’s first collaborative network to fight cybercrime
  • Analyze over 75 million addresses daily for bot discovery
  • Dynamically update attack information from worldwide network of sensors and industry’s best malware feeds

First Integrated Anti-Bot Network Solution

  • Integrate all critical threat prevention technologies in a single gateway – IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, URL Filtering and Anti-Bot
  • Set policy and view infection reports that are fully integrated with the Check Point Antivirus Software Blade
  • Investigate infections and easily assess damages with extensive forensics tools