As part of the Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection solution, Threat Emulation prevents infections from new malware and targeted attacks. This innovative zero-day threat sandboxing capability within the SandBlast solution delivers the best possible catch rate for threats, and is virtually immune to attackers’ evasion techniques.



Highest catch rate to protect your organization from unknown malware, zero-day and targeted attacks

  • Detect and block new, unknown malware and targeted attacks found in email attachments and downloaded files
  • Provide protection across one of the widest range of file types including, MS Office, Adobe PDF, Java, Flash, executables, and archives, as well as multiple Windows OS environments
  • Uncover threats hidden in SSL and TLS encrypted communications

Stop hackers from evading detection and infiltrating your network, reducing risk of expensive breaches

  • Identify even the most dangerous attacks in their infancy using unique CPU-level inspection
  • Unlike static and behavioral analysis, or solutions based on heuristics, evaluation of potential malware occurs at the instruction level, where exploits cannot hide
  • Exploits are caught before malware has an opportunity to deploy and evade detection

Provide complete threat visibility with comprehensive integrated threat prevention and security management

  • Flexible and cost-effective deployment options for organizations of all sizes
  • Leverage existing infrastructure and management tools to reduce capital costs and speed implementation
  • Turn zero-day and unknown attacks into known and preventable attacks by updating signatures for newly discovered attacks to all Check Point gateways subscribed to the ThreatCloud intelligence database