As part of the Check Point Zero-Day Protection SandBlast solution, the Threat Extraction capability removes exploitable content, including active content and embedded objects, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats, and promptly delivers sanitized content to users to maintain business flow.



Proactively protect against threats contained in emailed and web-downloaded documents

  • Remove exploitable content, including active content and embedded objects
  • Reconstruct files with known safe elements

Promptly deliver safe content – or sanitized versions of potentially malicious files

  • Proactively provide users with clean, reconstructed files containing only safe elements
  • Immediately deliver reconstructed files to maintain uninterrupted business flow

Provide complete threat visibility with comprehensive, integrated threat prevention and security management

  • Eliminate delays associated with traditional sandboxes, and enable real-world deployment of SandBlast Zero-Day Protection in prevent mode
  • Provide the best protection by converting reconstructed files to PDF format, or maintain flexibility with options to maintain the original file format and specify the type of content to be removed
  • Ensure visibility into attack attempts, and allow access to original file after completing background analysis by SandBlast Threat Emulation