Advanced Threat Protection

Effectively block known threats and predictively block new, emerging threats and campaigns. Proofpoint has been a leader in effective blocking of email-borne threats for over a decade.

Use Proofpoint Enterprise Protection to block known and unknown vectors including:

  • Polymorphic and zero-day malware
  • Weaponized attachments
  • Malicious embedded URLs

This includes advanced exploits, as well as spam, viruses, phish, bulk mail, and more. To detect such known and emerging inbound advanced threats effectively and quickly Proofpoint employs a variety of technologies based on Big Data analysis techniques, including both reactive and predictive approaches, as follow:

Threat Classification and Real-time Analysis

Powerful threat classification and real-time analysis of threats across the entire organization. Some vectors contain multiple threats, which should be handled differently.
For example, an inbound email might appear to be simple advertising, based on content – but also link to dangerous advanced malware. Fine-grained classification is essential, to prevent such an email being placed into user-releasable spam quarantine vs. preserved in a safe environment for IT analysis of the malware risk. Proofpoint applies multiple automated analyses to inbound and outbound traffic, to understand the precise nature and threat level of the traffic.

Unmatched Control

Rich email policy options enable fine-tuning of email routing, handling and quarantine rules. Proofpoint’s solution provides a rich set of policy options, to enable fine-tuning of routing, handling and security rules. From administrator-level customization of policies based on users, groups, or domains to end-user self-service to adjust receiving preferences, Proofpoint enables security and flexibility – and Proofpoint’s SmartSearch technology enables rapid message tracing and tracking for remediation.

Robust Delivery and Administration

Flexible, scalable architecture and administration for appropriate delegation and controls. Proofpoint offers flexible deployment options from on-premise to cloud, powerful and scalable performance based on Sendmail, and flexible, multilingual global administration capabilities.