With increased connectivity comes increased risk. In 2014, more than 11.6M mobile devices have been infected with malware. With this rapidly growing rate of infection and the risk of lost devices, how can you be confident that you and your data are secure in today’s mobile environment?


Establish a secure business environment on your mobile device with Check Point Capsule by providing secure, one-touch access to corporate email, files and other corporate assets. Check Point Capsule separates business and personal applications, ensuring that personal applications, media and content on mobile devices remain private.


Segregate business data from personal data and applications:

  • Use business data within a secure application
  • Manage only business-related data
  • Maintain personal data and applications independently

Securely use business applications in a seamless way:

  • One-touch access to corporate email, calendar, contacts, documents and applications
  • Enable secure remote access to internal corporate resources from any device
  • Encrypt business data and applications to ensure seamless access only to authorized users

Prevent business data loss from mobile devices:

  • Set authentication settings to manage access to the business application
  • Protect sensitive corporate information with remote wipe capabilities
  • Detect and prevent access on devices that have been rooted, jailbroken or modified

Integration between Data Loss Prevention and Capsule