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In 2017, there were 1,579 data breaches with close to 179 million records exposed. It seems that not a week goes by where we don’t hear about another data breach. Just this month, Sears, Kmart, Delta, Best Buy, and Panera Bread have announced that they had been impacted  by a breach that potentially exposed hundreds of thousands of credit-card information.   Personal financial information… Read more »

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In 2016, over $600 million worth of outstanding parking tickets were deemed uncollectible in New York City. What does unpaid tickets mean for the residents of the city? Parking ticket revenue typically goes to a city’s general fund, although it may vary with local government. The general fund supports the most basic city services such… Read more »

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The average cost of a data breach is 3.62 million globally.   Non-malicious employee error is typically the cause of a data breach. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter what IT security system an organization has in place if employees aren’t educated on the importance of cybersecurity.   Establishing a cybersecurity culture requires everyone to have an equal part in cybersecurity, which is essential in protecting the organization. To create or strengthen your cybersecurity culture, use these three tips.  1…. Read more »

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Prominent cases involving law enforcement has led to closer scrutinization of police behavior. Accusations of misconduct against an officer can cost departments millions of dollars. Investigations can be lengthy and complicated when there are conflicting accounts of what happened. Fortunately, the introduction of body-worn cameras with the in-car video system can provide objective details of… Read more »

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Today’s Brite Insight is brought to you by one of Brite’s certified ForeScout Engineers, Matt Ostrowski. Matt specializes in unique ForeScout deployments and enjoys finding new ways to utilize the technology.   Network access control, or NAC, allows you to pre-determine a set of parameters and policies that either allow or deny a device access…. Read more »

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Incident response centers across the country are filled with multiple screens showing different sets of information. Valuable time in emergency situations is often lost by jumping around to different screens when trying to evaluate a situation.  Brite has recently partnered with Live Earth, a company who is changing how people interact with information by bringing disparate systems into a single view… Read more »

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To secure our data, we use passwords to authenticate who we are. Passwords are used for virtually everything. We use them to get into our phones, to access our bank accounts, essentially, we put in a password for anything that requires a username. Yet, many of us never think about the consequences of what would… Read more »

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In today’s blog Lindsey Cooksey, Brite’s Eastern  Public Safety Manager, touches on major points most have overlooked with Body Worn Camera technology. Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are the latest hot topic technology being called for and implemented as part of a police officer’s uniform. With recent shootings and other officer involved incidents sparking outcry from communities… Read more »

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TODAY’S BLOG IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY MATT DEHOND.  MATT HAS BEEN A PART OF BRITE’S SECURITY TEAM FOR 3 YEARS.   Fishing is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Tossing in a line at a favorite fishing hole, hoping for a big catch, is how many people spend their time in the… Read more »

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During the holiday season people are rushing around scooping up the latest tech gadgets for loved ones (or occasionally themselves).  The focus on is on seeing a person’s face light up when they unwrap that perfect gift.  No one is thinking of the possible personal or corporate vulnerability it may cause. Keep that in mind… Read more »