Network visibility and security analytics across your business


Cisco Stealthwatch uses telemetry from existing network infrastructure for advanced threat detection, deeper forensics and simplified network segmentation. With industry-leading machine-learning and behavioral modeling, you can outsmart emerging threats in your digital business.


Extend your Network Visibility

Detect attacks that get past perimeter defenses across the digital business. Detect malicious patterns in encrypted traffic. No decryption is needed with our Encrypted Traffic Analytics technology and multilayer machine learning.


Speed up Incident Response and Forensics

Quickly detect zero-day malware, insider threats like command-and-control communications and data exfiltration, advanced persistent threats, and other sophisticated attacks. Store flow data for long periods. Use advanced analytics to conduct better investigations.


Simplify Network Segmentation

Effectively segment the network. Use the Stealthwatch integration with Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) to create and enforce policies, and keep unauthorized users and devices from accessing restricted areas of the network.


Secure Your Data Center

Extend visibility and control to your data center, monitoring both north-south and east-west traffic. Add role-based monitoring and better network segmentation by using Stealthwatch with Cisco ISE and Cisco TrustSec.