ForeScout CounterACT® lets you allow, deny or limit network access based on device posture and your security policies. It handles a full spectrum of control actions, making it simple to grant the right level of network access to people and devices as you define and deploy controls at your own pace.

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CounterACT provides a broad set of policy enforcement options for non-compliant devices—whether they are connected to the network via wired, wireless or VPN connection. Control actions include:

ForeScout Control

Remediate Malicious or High-Risk Devices


CounterACT continuously monitors devices on your network. As soon as CounterACT sees issues, it takes immediate action. Based on your security and compliance policies, CounterACT can directly remediate the problem, alert IT staff, inform the non-compliant device user/redirect them to a secure self-help portal. This real-time, agentless approach can help ensure that: