What if you could instantly see infrastructure and devices—even if they don’t have security agents? Beyond seeing them, imagine being able to automatically identify, profile and classify endpoints, as well as gain around-the-clock monitoring that observes their action—as they come and go from the network.

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ForeScout sees managed, unmanaged and IoT devices.


Network visibility is critical today. Every device on your network is a potential attack or reconnaissance point that must be discovered and secured. These myriad devices fall into three categories:

  • Managed devices. Corporate-owned PCs, laptops, mobile devices and infrastructure components require management agents, allowing IT staff to discover, maintain and control them.
  • Unmanaged devices. Employees, contractors and visitors use their own laptops, tablets and smartphones to access your network. Since you don’t own these devices, you typically have no authority to put security software (e.g. security agents) on these devices. Therefore, they are invisible to traditional security products.
  • IoT devices. Today, the majority of the new devices connecting to enterprise networks are IoT devices. These devices can be anything from your video surveillance and audio visual systems to medical devices and 3D printers. The list goes on and on. They have purpose-built operating systems that were not designed to run your security software. Consequently, they are simply invisible to your existing security products.
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