With more than 80% of the workloads in the Data Center expected to be virtual in 2016, and 80% of this DC traffic being East-West, a primary challenge for the centralized monitoring infrastructure is to access this virtual traffic for Application, Network and Security analysis.


Gigamon’s GigaVUE-VM Visibility Fabric™ node provides an intelligent filtering technology that allows virtual machine (VM) traffic flows of interest to be selected, forwarded and delivered to the monitoring infrastructure centrally attached to the GigaVUE platforms, thereby eliminating any traffic blind spots in the virtualized data center.

As a VMware vSphere guest VM, the light footprint GigaVUE-VM fabric node is installed without the need for special software, invasive agents, kernel modules or changes to the hypervisor. With this solution, your organization can now achieve the same packet-level traffic visibility between virtualized applications as is normally available between discrete physical applications and servers.