G-TAP® Tapping Access Points (TAP) for all common Ethernet speeds and media from 10/100/1000 to 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb Ethernet. G-TAP devices are fault-tolerant to ensure seamless monitoring and zero downtime. Passive TAPs require no power. Active TAPs provide battery backup, remote management and alarming capabilities. Gigamon BiDi TAPs leverage unique technology to copy 40Gb bidirectional infrastructures.

TAPs are used in deployments of network intrusion detection systems, performance monitors, protocol analyzers and other monitoring, security and analytical tools. TAPs are the best option for passing traffic because they are undetectable on the network and will pass all traffic even if the TAP stops working or loses power. TAPs are preferred over SPAN or mirrored ports because the data is complete and consistent over time. A TAP-all approach offers a “best practices” scenario as a gateway into any visibility system. Implementation is typically a “set-and-forget” installation.

If a physical cable is connected to two endpoints (switch or router) in a network, a network TAP is the best way to receive unobstructed data packets for monitoring purposes. TAPs continuously pass all traffic running between the endpoint devices, but also copy that same traffic to the monitor ports. TAPs are one-way and do not introduce traffic to the production network.