Gigamon provides pervasive visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud environments so you can see the data in motion across your entire network. Companies use the Gigamon Visibility Platform to make it easier to manage, secure, and understand all their data, enabling stronger security and enhanced network performance.

Visibility Solutions

GigaSECURE® – Network Visibility

GigaSECURE® optimizes the delivery of traffic to security tools. A consolidated, extensible and powerful foundation, GigaSECURE enhances physical, virtual and cloud networks with pervasive visibility to better see and mitigate threats. Learn More


Visibility Platform for AWS – Cloud Visibility

Migrating workloads into the public cloud brings instant advantages to organizations seeking to modernize IT.  It also introduces a new challenge: the inability to access all traffic and data traversing the cloud. Learn More


Traffic Intelligence

GigaSMART® – Network Traffic Optimization

GigaSMART® extends the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Platform by enhancing the monitoring of your network infrastructure and improving security tool performance. A range of applications are available to optimize the traffic sent from your network to the tools you rely upon to monitor, manage, and secure the network. Learn More