Manage your traffic with intelligence.

GigaSMART® extends the intelligence and value of the Gigamon Visibility Platform by enhancing the monitoring of your network infrastructure and improving security tool performance. A range of applications are available to optimize the traffic sent from your network to the tools you rely upon to monitor, manage, and secure the network. GigaSMART’s high-performance, advanced processing engine is available on GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances and can be accessed anywhere within the Gigamon Visibility Platform without port- or card-based restrictions.

Smart, efficient, effective traffic optimization

GigaSMART processing engines can be combined to manage higher traffic loads and optimized for specific applications. Applications can be combined or service chained so traffic benefits from multiple functions that can be achieved at once. Examples include generating NetFlow and other network metadata,decrypting SSL/TLS traffic after packet duplicates have been removed or stripping VLAN headers before load balancing the traffic and sending it out to the appropriate tools. GigaSMART applications can be applied to any network or tool port on the chassis or the entire cluster, allowing maximum flexibility in configuration and provisioning.


Key features & benefits: GigaSMART