Advanced vulnerability management analytics and reporting


The modern network is no longer comprised simply of servers and desktops; remote workers, cloud and virtualization, and mobile devices mean your risk exposure is changing every minute. Utilizing the power of Rapid7’s Insight Platform and the heritage of our award-winning Nexpose solution, InsightVM provides a fully available, scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, turn it into answers, and minimize your risk.

Fresh Vulnerability Data All the Time

Is your vulnerability data up to date? InsightVM Live Monitoring is always on and allows you to automatically collect, monitor, and analyze your network for new and existing risks.

Confidence at the Moment of Impact

InsightVM evolves with your shifting vulnerability management program. By using a library of Threat Exposure Analytics built by our research teams, it spots change as it happens and automatically prioritizes where you need to focus.

End-to-End Remediation Workflow

InsightVM lets you create and manage remediation responsibilities directly—thereby improving communication between IT and security and avoiding confusion—to make fixing problems more efficient. To put it simply, we get the right info to the right people, so everyone can get more done.

Bring More to Your Security Program

“Point solutions” are a thing of the past—a modern security program is an ever-changing ecosystem of information and products working together to get smarter and improve each other’s ROI. Rapid7’s dedicated integrations team ensures that InsightVM is a foundational source of intelligence to the rest of your security program.