Gain actionable insight into your security risks and where to focus with – the first vulnerability management platform built for today’s elastic IT assets, including cloud, containers and web applications.

The platform includes Nessus data sensors for active and agent-based scanning, as well as passive traffic listening and an API and SDK for those who want to automate the sharing of capabilities and vulnerability data or build on the platform. Built on the platform are a growing number of applications that solve today’s toughest security challenges including vulnerability management, container security and web application scanning – making it easy to start with one application and upgrade to others as requirements grow. This combination of applications, data sensors and automation delivers maximum coverage and provides continuous visibility into assets and vulnerabilities – so you can take better-informed action to protect what matters most.


Key Capabilities:

Unified Applications

The platform offers multiple applications that solve clear security challenges, such as vulnerability management, container security, web application scanning, and more to come. These applications are built on a common platform, leverage the Nessus sensors, API, and SDK, and are accessed through a single interface, making it easy to activate new applications and become immediately productive.

Integrated Container Security

As the only vulnerability management solution on the market to offer integrated container security capabilities, brings security into the container build process up-front. This enables organizations to gain visibility into the hidden security risks present in container images and remediate them before they reach production, without slowing innovation cycles.

Most Comprehensive and Affordable Scan Options includes the Nessus Sensors to maximize scan coverage and reduce vulnerability blind spots. The Sensors include active and agent scanning, as well as passive traffic listening – all provided at no extra cost. Based on our popular Nessus technology, active scanning delivers the broadest coverage of assets and vulnerabilities. Agent-based scanning and passive traffic listening enable you to tackle troublesome assets such as transient or remote devices and sensitive hosts such as medical or industrial control devices.

Pinpoint Asset Tracking tracks assets and their vulnerabilities with unsurpassed accuracy, giving security teams the highest fidelity view of their environment. Using an advanced asset identification algorithm, the product pinpoints the true identity of each resource in your environment – even dynamic assets like laptops, virtual machines, and cloud instances. This algorithm uses an extensive set of attributes (such as Tenable ID, NetBIOS name, MAC address, and many others) to accurately track changes to assets, regardless of how they roam or how long they last.

Documented API and Integrated SDK

Easily automate the sharing of capabilities and vulnerability data or build on the platform, leveraging a fully documented API set and SDK. There is no extra cost to use these tools to maximize the value of your vulnerability data.

SLA with Uptime Guarantee

Tenable provides the vulnerability management industry’s first uptime guarantee through a robust service level agreement (SLA) for Service credits are offered if the SLA is not met, just like leading cloud vendors such as Amazon Web Services.