BritePROTECT alleviates the stress and cost associated with building and managing a SIEM, Next Generation Firewall and Penetration Testing programs.


Security Information Event Management

Conduct real-time analysis of threats by correlating log data from your network and security devices



  • Monitoring and Alerting to identify events that require additional investigation by your team in collaboration with our security experts.
  • Correlating Historical and Real – Time Security Information and Events to identify patterns and trends to help prevent emerging threats before they occur.
  • Real-Time Search and Analysis Capabilities streamlining your ability to troubleshoot and perform postmortem analysis and forensic investigations.
  • Detailed Reporting of all security related logs for any device and endpoint on your network.

NextGen Firewall with IPS

Infuse best practices and optimize NextGen firewall configurations while you monitor your network in real-time to detect and prevent threat




  • Vendor Agnostic Expertise With Best of Breed Security Devices enabling our certified security engineers to patch and maintain your infrastructure firmware and help troubleshoot issues.
  • Secure Communications With Your External Workforce, Partners and Vendors via Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to protect transmitted data.
  • Threat Intelligence and Signature Updates consistently update from multiple security sources that details how to detect and protect against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Configure, Tune and Optimize Security Infrastructure (including firewalls, NextGen firewalls/UTMs, endpoints/BYOD, and secure VPNs) incorporating industry best practices and rule sets to ensure the security of your network.

Managed Penetration Testing

Perform real world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and obtain recommendations on how to improve your overall security




  • Managed By Our Certified Security Engineers who have extensive experience with assessing vulnerabilities for both security and compliance.
  • Detailed Vulnerability Report including high, medium, and low vulnerabilities found and exploited with remediation guidance and recommendations.
  • Perform Internal and External Penetration Testing customized to meet your business requirements.
  • Social Engineering Options Available that imitate techniques used by hackers to target your employees to obtain your company’s private information.

Incident Response

Gain instant access to critical security expertise and technology to rapidly respond to and remediate a security incident and develop an incident response plan with BriteProtect’s Incident Response.

  • Retainer-based Incident Response resources to ensure the availability of security experts to work with your internal teams and respond to security incidents.
  • Proactive development of an Incident Response Plan that clearly details roles and responsibilities, procedures, communication plans and other key elements for addressing the most sophisticated of security threats.
  • A comprehensive suite of enterprise investigation tools and technologies used to quickly search your network for evidence of attacker activity.
  • An expert team of security engineers with extensive experience investigating breaches of all sizes and across many industries.
  • Detailed investigative reports that analyze the security incident and address the needs of multiple audiences both internal and external to your organization.