To help our clients assess their current security posture, Brite has put together the BriteStar Security Assessment. As a monitoring service, BriteStar can provide continuous visibility and protection. This service has been developed to provide an independent verification of the current vulnerabilities within the organization. Brite provides clients with a detailed report of the vulnerabilities within the Brite 5 Cyber Security Tenets. The deliverable also includes a recommendation and a roadmap to security maturity.


The BriteStar Security Assessment typically takes between 4-6 weeks to complete from start to finish. Data collection occurs over a 2-3 week period.


The deliverable includes the following:

  • Endpoint Security (Top Offenders)
    • Vulnerability Report
    • Client Risk Report
    • High Risk Applications
    • Intrusion & Attack Events
    • Malware Incidents
  • Network Security Risk Report
  • Security Policy Assessment
  • Shared Permissions Report
  • Inventory of all (IP) Devices on the Network
    • Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh, Mobile (iOS/Android), NAT Devices, Printers, VOIP, Network, Unknown Devices
  • Managed devices (Windows)
    • Domain Member
    • Not Domain Member
  • Web and Application Security Report
    • Top High Risk Applications and sites
    • Top High Risk Applications Description
    • Top Users of High Risk Applications
    • Top Bandwidth Utilization by Applications & Websites
    • Top Web Categories
    • Social networking bandwidth
  • Threat Prevention
    • BOT Events
    • Malware events
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention Top Attacks and Events


Please contact us to receive a detailed proposal and quote for your Brite Star Assessment.