Everybody Needs Something – Endpoint Security

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Today’s blog is brought to you by Matt Dehond. Matt has been apart of Brite’s security team for over 2 years. Cyber-attacks have become the norm. Organizations are aware of the ongoing threats day in and day out, but there is an undeniably scary trend. Prevention of attacks should be the priority, but too many… Read more »

The New Generation of Criminals

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You turn on your computer and find a notice that all your files have been encrypted and will be destroyed unless you pay a ransom. There’s a clock ticking down the seconds. Your files are being held hostage and so is your organization. Paying ransom is the least of your worries; the biggest cost to your business will be the… Read more »

Growing Threats of Bring Your Own Devices

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Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) concerns are growing as employees are using their personal devices in the workplace.  Previously, it was uncommon for someone to use a non-office appointed device, but now, according to a recent Ovum survey, nearly 70% of employees use personal devices in the workplace, while one third of this group are… Read more »