Who We Are

Brite is the exclusive, trusted voice our clients rely on for secure, stable and scalable IT environments. We focus on proposing solutions that match your organization’s unique needs, ensure integrity and maximum uptime, be it for an enterprise level company, police department or small locally owned business.


We are committed to providing a relationship you can count on now and well into the future with best in class service before and after the sale, quality products and proactive recommendations for stable IT environments.

Brite’s Journey

The Beginning

In 1983, based in Rochester, NY, Brite started as a white box manufacturer serving local businesses, education institutes and government agencies.

Brite’s Public Safety Division is Born

During this time, our local sheriff’s office reached out to Brite to outfit their vehicles with a computer. This opportunity in our own backyard was the start of Brite’s national public safety technology practice. Today, Brite provides complete in-vehicle solution and intelligence tools to help improve officer safety and help solve crimes faster.

The Need for Cyber Security Arises

As Brite’s customer base and cyber threats grew, Brite identified the need for perimeter protection. Basic security protection was not sufficient for long as attack vectors continued to grow. In response to our customers’ needs, Brite has built an advanced cyber security practice designed to protect against the latest threats.

Managed Services Round out the Trifecta

To round off Brite’s three main areas of expertise, again, in response to the needs of our customers, Brite built an on-site Network Operations Center. Brite’s IT service division goes beyond the help desk to either manage all aspects of small-business IT or to off-set the tactical daily IT tasks so organizations can focus on the strategic elements.

Brite’s People

Brite is an equal opportunity employer that recruits top talent and invests heavily in training on the latest technology. Our strong engineering and project management staff provides assessments with a mix of best-in-class hardware, software, and services. The result: successful deployment of your projects, long-term satisfaction, and support.