How Much are Your Systems Really Costing You?

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The Perks of Managed Services and Hardware Refreshes IT is a powerful component in business. For SMBs in particular, IT can be that game-changer that helps their organizations keep pace with competitors. It drives profits, empowers organizations, and connects workforces, but it can also lead to major financial losses if not maintained, managed and utilized… Read more »

What is a Privileged User?

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Privileged user. You’ve heard the term before, especially if you read our latest blog about the security dangers that relate to it. In this blog post we’d like to discuss what a privileged user is in more detail. What makes the privileged user unique? This person is someone who has access to critical databases, infrastructure,… Read more »

Choosing an Outside Provider

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Entering into a business relationship is not easy. It involves trust, mutual understanding and some sacrifice in control. When it comes to hiring an outside security firm, your instincts as a decision-maker should kick in. What are the positives? What are the negatives? What is the impact on the bottom line? And while those questions… Read more »

More Than IT

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Over the past month, we’ve discussed the importance of creating a security-centric culture, from the boardroom to the shop floor. Each blog had an underlying theme: Your company’s policies, procedures and employees need to have security’s best practices at the top of mind. And while it is natural for these discussions to start in your… Read more »