Author: Mackenzie Spencer

Tips for Choosing the Right Device for Mobile Wireless Connection

Need help choosing the correct device for mobile connectivity? The mobile work force relies heavily on cellular connectivity to provide internet access anywhere in the field. It is especially important that these workers are connected at all times. Police officers are in their vehicles for a majority of their shift and being connected to dispatch…

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Body Worn Cameras: All Angles to Consider

In today’s blog Lindsey Cooksey, Brite’s Eastern  Public Safety Manager, touches on major points most have overlooked with Body Worn Camera technology. Body Worn Cameras (BWC) are the latest hot topic technology being called for and implemented as part of a police officer’s uniform. With recent shootings and other officer involved incidents sparking outcry from communities…

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How Do You Wear Your Body Worn Camera?

Today’s blog is brought to you by Jim Chemlik, Public Safety Account Manager. So, your Police Department has made the decision to purchase and implement a body worn camera program; but where do you wear them? This is a key piece of information that absolutely needs to be determined prior to deploying the cameras into the…

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