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Are you in love with your managed service provider?

5 signs it’s not the one Falling head over heels for your managed service provider isn’t something you probably ever dreamed of as a child but if you don’t get butterflies thinking about your MSP and what it does for your organization, then it’s probably not the one.  Just because it may get the job done,…

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5 tips to stay safe while online shopping

It’s Cyber Monday! Shopping online is convenient, both for you and cybercriminals.  Here are five quick tips to help you stay safe and protect yourself while online shopping. Use a secure payment method. Pay with either a credit card or PayPal.  These options offer more buyer protection when it comes to fraudulent charges.  Credit card…

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Breach of the Week: Nordstrom

What Happened: Nordstrom Another week, another retail breach. Nordstrom is the latest retailer to experience a data breach.  But, this breach is unlike the others because it exposed employee, not customer, information. The exposed information includes: Employee names Social Security numbers Dates of birth Check account Routing numbers Salaries Nordstrom did not disclose the number…

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