Fraud, cyber security breaches follow mobile revolution

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Smartphones have now overtaken laptops as the most popular means of accessing the Internet – up to two hours per day, according to Ofcom. Not surprisingly, hackers continue to attack mobile devices at a staggering rate. In fact, experts recently revealed that 95 percent of all Android smartphones can be exploited with a single text message from… Read more »

Is Your Printer an Insider Threat?

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“Limitless paper in a paperless world.” It was a fictional tag line, for a fictional ad from a fictional company (if you’ve seen the television show The Office, you’ll know the reference). But, the fact of the matter is, a lot of industries are still paper-intensive. Healthcare, government and financial services are three of the… Read more »

The Cyberwar Rages On

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This cyberwar has come a long way, on both the offensive and defense side. As threats have evolved, so have the strategies and tools of the hackers. On the other side, businesses continue to use innovative technology solutions to protect their company from cyber security intrusions, protecting their bottom line and assets. While it’s great… Read more »

Guest Registration Affects Endpoint Security

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“You are the company you keep.” We’ve all heard the expression before, and it’s a phrase that originated from Bible scripture. The message is simple: Be careful who you surround yourself with, because they will shape you into who you are. It’s a message that carries over well to the data-protection and cyber-security world that we live… Read more »

Software glitch for Illinois insurer leads to data exposure

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Earlier this month, Illinois-based Trustmark Mututal Holding Company fell victim to a software error that resulted in emails containing personal information being sent to the wrong insurance carrier clients. The information includes names, social security numbers and payroll deduction information. After contacting each insurance carrier recipient and confirming its deletion, it is believed that misuse… Read more »

Preparation is Vital in Security

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Written by Sean Fitzpatrick, Managed Services Specialist Independence Day gave all of us an opportunity to reflect on America’s past and look forward at what is to come. Throughout our history, we’ve seen many different types of breaches to national security, from the British landing on Staten Island in attempts to destroy George Washington’s army… Read more »