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A New Wrinkle in Security Intelligence: The Power of Orchestration

Reposted from ForeScout’s Blog | June 22, 2016 | By Pedro Abreu – Chief Strategy Officer   The human brain is an incredibly complex system that functions miraculously well when all of its components are working together as one unit. However, when something goes wrong and connections break down, as when a stroke occurs, the brain is no longer…

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Top Attacks and Breaches for the week of March 14th to 20th

One of Brite’s partners, Check Point, complied the a list of Top Attacks and Breaches that took place last week, March 14th – 20th, 2016.  Cyber threats transform at a rapid rate.  Yesterday’s technology may not protect against tomorrow’s attacks. Fortunately, Brite has many partners that are continuously developing new technologies to protect your data.   Click…

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5 Reasons Switching to a Managed Services Provider Makes Sense

You’re an advertising agency. You’re a manufacturing plant. You’re a hospital. Every day you go to work, you want to do work in the fields you’ve selected because that’s what you’re passionate about and it’s what you’re good at. For this reason, many companies are moving away from simple service level agreements to deeper-level, more…

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