The First ThinkBrite CyberSecurity Breakfast Roundtable

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“You are only as strong as your end user,” Jon Borgesen, Senior Account Executive of Brite noted during the first ThinkBrite CyberSecurity Roundtable, an open forum to discuss the IT security concerns and protection tactics. This month’s topics included: building a security culture and siloed products vs. integrated security practices. The group really felt the… Read more »

Communicating Security Responsibilites

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We’re living in a world that constantly clashes between “traditional” methods versus “new age” methods. And it doesn’t matter what the subject is, but there’s almost always the way things were done and the way things are being done. In our last blog, we talked about Who’s Responsibility is Security? Our conclusion? It’s a team… Read more »

Who’s Responsibility is Security?

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A study by Symantec found that 65 percent of Internet users have been victimized by cybercrime. Look to your right. Look to your left. There’s a good chance that both of those people have been hacked at some point in their career. Ultimately, employees are easy to please: They want to come to work, do… Read more »

How Much are Your Systems Really Costing You?

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The Perks of Managed Services and Hardware Refreshes IT is a powerful component in business. For SMBs in particular, IT can be that game-changer that helps their organizations keep pace with competitors. It drives profits, empowers organizations, and connects workforces, but it can also lead to major financial losses if not maintained, managed and utilized… Read more »

What is a Privileged User?

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Privileged user. You’ve heard the term before, especially if you read our latest blog about the security dangers that relate to it. In this blog post we’d like to discuss what a privileged user is in more detail. What makes the privileged user unique? This person is someone who has access to critical databases, infrastructure,… Read more »