Category: Managed Services

Why We Don’t Charge Extras

No one likes the unexpected.  Especially when it comes to surprise costs.  Let’s be real.  Every business feels every penny, whether it’s a multi-billion-dollar company or the go-to local ice cream shop.  As beneficial a product or service is to business operations, there’s always a financial impact.  That’s why when it comes to IT and cyber security, our managed service […]

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The State of Phishing Attacks and Cyber Security + Introducing the Newest BriteStar Features

Cyber security is a game of cat and mouse.  Attackers find endless ways to infiltrate companies of all sizes and industries for monetary gain.  At the same time, companies and IT services are implementing tools and procedures to mitigate the risk of attacks.  The key for IT and security professionals is to constantly be evaluating evolving tools, policies […]

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