Choosing an Outside Provider

Entering into a business relationship is not easy. It involves trust, mutual understanding and some sacrifice in control. When it comes to hiring an outside security firm, your instincts as a decision-maker should kick in. What are the positives? What are the negatives? What is the impact on the bottom line?

And while those questions are great thought-starters, as you progress in your selection there are some very specific questions you should be asking any potential security partners.

Trevor Smith, our Executive Vice President, outlined these questions in a recent interview with WatchIT. Here are his recommendations:

  • Does your potential solutions provider understand your industry? Depending on what field you play on, there will be different compliance and regulatory requirements. A provider that does not need a learning curve to understand your industry can put you at ease.
  • Does your potential solutions provider understand the user? Your employees remaining efficient and productive is a priority. You’ll want to make sure a solutions provider understands what a work day looks like and the best ways to keep them working at their best.
  • Is your potential solutions provider a “cookie-cutter” operation or customized? Not every security issue can fit into a single solution, so before you circle that square, make sure it is right for your company.
  • Can we go for a test ride? The best way to find out if a provider is right for you is to work with them. What types of process does it all involve? What types of technologies will they be using? These are all things you can find out in a free trial phase.
  • Does your potential solution provider have references? You wouldn’t hire someone without checking on one or two references, so prior to entering into a business relationship, check what work they’ve done.

Again, it’s not easy to enter into any business relationship, but these questions serve as a good starting point to figuring out what solution provider is right for you.