Cyber Security Partner Offerings

Supporting Remote Workers During COVID-19 Quarantine

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, companies have implemented work from home measures, creating new environments and instances.  The result is new challenges to protect against.  To help mitigate risk with the new changes, our partners are offering the following packages.

Offers from our Partners


Offer Details

Okta is offering organizations the Okta Identity Cloud for remote work at no cost.  With this organizations gain access to Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to 5 apps for all users.

Who is Eligible

Available to eligible organizations free of charge for six months from date of contract signing, with the option to extend as we track the situation.


Proofpoint Logo

Offer Details

Scalable secure access for mobile workforce. Free trial offer until 9/30/2020 (sign up ends 4/30/2020).

Proofpoint Meta is the zero-trust alternative to VPN for secure remote access.  The scalable cloud-based solution easily expands capacity for client-based remote access, enabling secure browser-based access to behind-the-firewall applications.

Who is Eligible

Proofpoint Enterprise customers.


Cylance Logo

Offer Details

In response to the outbreak, BlackBerry is providing free trials of BlackBerry Desktop licenses (60 days) and Smart AV (Home Edition for 90 days).

BlackBerry Desktop – Includes two key essential elements that enable quick and secure home working on personal laptops:

1)    Secure Connectivity – eliminating the need to set up cumbersome VPNs from home

2)    Productivity Applications – such as Email, Calendar and secure browser for corporate web-based application

Smart AV – Employees can download and install for free (for the next 90 days) to further protect their personal laptops and computers from Malware and Viruses

Who is Eligible

Smart AV – New and existing customers.

Check Point

Check Point Logo

Offer Details

30-60 day trial licenses depending on the solution.  Solutions include:

Endpoint Security (NSS Labs AA rating) – 30 day trial license – Windows/Mac

Capsule Cloud – 30 day try and buy  – Windows/MAC

SaaS – Gmail/O365 More than just a CASB

Mobile App Security – 60 day trial license Apple/Android

Professional Services – Free PRO Support for the next 3 months

Who is Eligible

Check Point customers.


CrowdStrike Logo

Offer Details

CrowdStrike is offering the following programs at no-cost for a limited time (through 5/16/2020).

Program 1: Burst Licensing Program – For corporate-owned devices, this program is designed to help customers resolve concerns associated with licensing a surging number of new systems being deployed for use by remote workers.

Program 2: Falcon Prevent for Home Use – For employee-owned devices, this home use program provides existing CrowdStrike customers with an option to secure their employees’ home Windows devices, leveraging CrowdStrike’s cloud-native Falcon platform and lightweight agent.

Who is Eligible

Existing CrowdStrike customers.


Varonis Logo

Offer Details

Varonis is offering free eval licenses of Varonis Edge, Active Directory and Office 365 monitoring.

Varonis Edge – Detect compromised remote workers who logged in from unusual locations or at unusual times, Monitor the huge amount of VPN traffic to detect malware connecting to C2 servers, Identify attacks like DNS hijacking, malware, data exfiltration, and more.

Who is Eligible

Existing Varonis customers.


Tenable Logo

Offer Details

Tenable is extending Tenable licenses to include any previously unprotected assets across the remote worker attack surface with the following programs:

For customers – Leverage elastic asset licensing at no additional cost across all endpoints through 4/30/2020.

For customers – A instance will be made available for free with unlimited agent scanning capabilities through 4/30/2020.

For Nessus Pro customers – A evaluation instance is available for free for 30 days (with unlimited agent scanning capabilities. Request trial here.

Who is Eligible

Existing, or Nessus Pro customers.


Netskope Logo

Offer Details

Netskope is offering current customers the use of Netskope Private Access for any remote workers through July 1, 2020, without any obligation to purchase.

Netskope Private Access provides the ability to quickly stand up fast and secure access to private applications and other services for your remote workers.

Who is Eligible

Existing Netskope customers.


NetMotion Logo

Offer Details

NetMotion work from home is for Existing and New customers.  Options include: Core SKU VPN only application and persistence ($5/per user/per month) and Complete policy – The entire suite (mobility, diagnostics, IQ) ($10/per user/per month).

There is 1 year commitment for new customers and existing customers can co-term reach out to NetMotion for a quote.

Note: Must have infrastructure either physical or virtual to be able to deploy, either existing or new to be spun up.

Who is Eligible

New or existing customers.

Sierra Wireless

Sierra Wireless Logo

Offer Details

Sierra Wireless has released a special promotion in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This promotion is designed for urgent and short term communications requirements  for remote workers, school children, healthcare facilities and critical infrastructure managers. Effective from 4/1- 5/31.


  • $50 off ES450
  • $75 off RV55 LTE Pro

Notes: No volume restrictions, Program is for North America, Cannot be combined with any other offers or promotional pricing.

Who is Eligible

New or existing customers.

Additional Solutions from our Partners

Netskope Logo


Traditional remote access VPN solutions create challenges.  Netskope’s Private Access (NPA) is a cloud-based Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solution, connecting remote workers directly to private applications running in public cloud environments or private data centers.


Leverage technology, like Forescout, to help safe guard organizations by locking down networks during remote work.

Solutions For

The Brite Advantage

Our certified engineers and experienced cyber security professionals will take the time to understand your needs and match those unique needs with our industry-leading partners' solutions. We then take it a step further to help you with the evaluation process to ensure the technology is the right fit for the organization and its environment.

Once you have selected a solution, our engineers will assist in the implementation and support of the product long after the sale. Lastly, we help ensure you get the most out of your investments through quarterly business meetings and road map discussions to unlock additional value.