Modern organizations rely heavily on their computing infrastructure for communication, financial transactions, research, and product development. These mission-critical systems have come under increasing attacks from cybercriminals, malware, viruses, and employee malfeasance.

Information security risk is the combination of three factors: assets, vulnerabilities, and threats (assets are exposed by vulnerabilities that may be exposed to threats). One breach becomes the seed for more breaches.

Brite has identified five key, strategic solution tenets to build a secure organization. Within these tenets are industry-leading products and services to meet the ever-increasing demands.

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Secure Access

How do you audit, monitor and control access to your most privileged assets?
Brite’s Secure Access solutions provide visibility into user access while providing secure, appropriate and dynamic access to the network, critical systems, applications and data.
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Detect & Protect

How are you currently able to identify threats to your organization and act on them, on and off your network?
To make informed decisions, it is critical to gain visibility into managed and unmanaged devices on your network and the flow of critical data. This information can be used to eliminate vulnerabilities through manual, semi-automatic automatic remediation. In addition, with a connected strategy security tools can speak to each other and log data can be integrated to improve time to incident identification and resolution.
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Data Protection

How do you control every piece of data, specific to your organization whether it is structured or unstructured?
Data is everywhere and unprotected data creates significant vulnerabilities. It is important to protect data throughout its lifecycle; at rest, in motion, in use and also in the cloud. The Data Protection solutions include but are not limited to Encryption, Data Loss Protection, and Digital Rights Management.
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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

How do you ensure that your organization is compliant with regulatory and industry standards?
Compliance and audit reporting is a time-consuming task. Our GRC tenet focuses on industry standard suites to shorten your time to compliance, eases the reporting demands and enables more educated decisions.
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Advanced Threat Protection

How do you ensure your employees are protected from zero second malware, whether they are on or off the network?
Zero second detection and prevention against the most advanced threats are essential for today’s organizations. The ATP tenet includes both Next Generation Perimeter and End Point protection techniques.
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