Cyber Security Solutions

Organizations can no longer operate without technology.  All critical business operations rely heavily on the secure transfer of data. With the ever-changing threat landscape, how does an organization stay ahead of the latest threats? 

Brite is a integrator and reseller that organizations can count on now, and into the future, for secure, stable and scalable IT environments.  At Brite, we match organizations with best-in-breed technologies and then offer implementation and integration services to ensure the maximum value out of an investment. 

Securing an organization is no easy task. Brite has identified five key, strategic solution tenets to aid customers in building a secure organization. Cyber security, like our tenet wheel, is a continuous process.  Where do your current needs fall?

Brite's Tenets of Cyber Security

Tennet circle-01

Detect and Protect

Secure Access

Advanced Threat Prevention

Data Protection

Governance, Risk and Compliance

How do you achieve visibility, control and remediation of devices and data?

Gain visibility into managed and unmanaged devices on your network and the data flows within. Connect security tools and integrate log data to improve time to incident identification and resolution.

How do you audit, monitor and control access?

Gain visibility into user access while providing secure, appropriate and dynamic access to the network, critical systems, applications and data.

 How do you protect your data and endpoints from today’s advanced threats?

Detect and prevent against the most advanced threats today. The approach includes next generation perimeter and end point protection techniques.

How do you protect your organization’s critical data?

Protect data at rest, in motion, in use and also now in the cloud. This includes but is not limited to encryption, data loss protection and digital rights management.

How do you continuously measure compliance and mitigate risk?

Utilizing industry standard suites to shorten your time to compliance and ease the reporting demands.

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