Complete Device Visibility

Organizations cannot protect what they cannot see. IoT has created an explosive growth of IP-based devices, which find their way to your network. Visibility of those devices is critical to provide relevant details to make informed decisions and automate remediation. Gain real-time device visibility with Brite.

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The Critical Nature of Device Visibility

With the expansion of IoT devices joining networks at an exponential rate, 30 billion by 2020, it is more critical than ever to gain device visibility and control.

Brite partners with industry-leading technology providers such as Forescout to provide an agentless approach to device visibility and control. Any connected device on a network can instantly be identified, classified and remediated based on policy and orchestration with existing security tools.

From campuses and data centers to OT networks,
device visibility with Forescout means zero unwanted devices.

Protect the networks containing your most business-critical operations with confidence.


Every device – both managed and unmanaged – joining a campus network is an opportunity for a potential attack.  By implementing agentless device visibility and control, organizations can protect themselves against the threats brought with the IoT explosion.

Data Center

Gain visibility into what devices are connected to both private and public cloud resources in real time without the need of an agent to protect your assets.  See this in a single pane with devices on your campus.

OT Networks

Significantly reduce the risk of operational downtime caused by cyber attacks with agentless device visibility.  Protect critical assets and converge IT and OT cyber security to increase cyber resilience.

Solutions For

The Brite Advantage

Our certified engineers and experienced cyber security professionals will take the time to understand your needs and match those unique needs with our industry-leading partners' solutions. We then take it a step further to help you with the evaluation process to ensure the technology is the right fit for the organization and its environment.

Once you have selected a solution, our engineers will assist in the implementation and support of the product long after the sale. Lastly, we help ensure you get the most out of your investments through quarterly business meetings and road map discussions to unlock additional value.

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