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With a nearly 100% remote workforce in place due to the COVID-19, businesses are facing a new slate of IT challenges. Brite’s here to answer any IT questions that may arise.

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What our customers have been asking...

Every organization is a little different. Below are some of the common topics that we have been hearing. Ask your question and get an answer for your specific environment.

How can I ensure my remote users can access business applications, securely?

Applications installed within your data center may require a VPN (Virtual Private Network), while SaaS solutions provide direct internet access. Contact us to discuss the benefits and dangers of both methods of access.

How do I protect my users from the dangers of phishing emails and while browsing the web?

If you are using on premise email, O365, gmail or another service, it is critical to implement a true email security suite.  These are very easy to set up remotely and provide both security, continuity and archiving.

How do I educate end users about the latest dangers?

Whether a user clicks a links or enters credentials on a web page can make all the difference. User awareness training is a simple and easy way to inform users of the dangers and safely assess their knowledge.

How do I secure the laptops and desktops my employees are using?

Today’s remote environment demands an emphasis on end point security, whether they are corporate owned or personal devices.  Good application patching and advanced end point security can go a long way to preventing a breach.

How do I know if I have been hacked?

Most organizations don’t have the resources for 24/7 monitoring and management of their security tools.  That is where a Managed Security Service can augment your current resources beyond just business hours.

How do I make sure my data is safe when employees are accessing it from home?

Knowing where data is and who is accessing it is the first step in preventing a breach. There are many approaches to protecting data on laptops, in email or stored in drives.  We can help you confirm or design your approach.

How do I connect my printer? Is my internet good enough to handle web conferencing? Should I really avoid Zoom?

While the questions above are specific to a few major areas, we are here to help answer any IT questions you have.

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