BriteProtect – Managed Security Services

Complete Peace of Mind is The BriteProtect Difference

The daily task of responding and managing alerts or scanning is tedious and leads to miss critical alerts and employee fatigue. Outsourced tactical elements of your IT department allows for strategic initiatives. BriteProtect’s finely tuned managed monitoring and scanning solutions removes false positives and allows for appropriate response. That is The Brite Advantage.

Team of Security Experts
Complete Visibility into Secure Customer Portal
Continuous Tuning and Configuration Management
Low Total Cost of Ownership
Greater than 99.99% SLA's achieved
Security Operations Center (SOC) Monitoring and Alerting

BriteProtect Components


Managed & OnDemand Penetration Testing

Perform real-world attack simulations on your infrastructure to identify existing vulnerabilities and obtain recommendations on how to improve your overall security.

Vulnerability Assessment

Proactively assess your network to identify and prioritize your network security threats.

PCI & GDPR Compliance Scanning

Comply with the industry data security standards and ensure your customers’ data is safeguarded.

Monitoring & Management

SIEM & Log Management

Cut out the noise with an expertly tuned and managed SIEM that removes false positives, ensuring critical alerts are never missed.

Managed NextGen Firewall

Detect and block sophisticated attacks to properly protect your network through collaboration with certified security engineers.

Intrusion Prevention Services

Inspects all network traffic routed to infrastructure in real-time against consistently updated threat intelligence and signature updates.

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