BriteVault – Offsite Backup

Backup control. Unlimited revisions. Restore 24/7. Using BriteVault+ gives you backup tools previously enjoyed only by Fortune 500 companies, but with an interface designed for anyone to use. The following are just a handful of the ways that you and your business benefit from using the BriteVault+ online backup service.




  • Security & Encryption – Your files are encrypted using state-of-the-art, 256 bit AES encryption and stored in redundant, secure data centers located hundreds of miles apart from each other.
  • Backup Sets – Setting up your backups is easy. Choose what to back up by folders or by file types. And with unlimited backup sets, BriteVault+ allows you complete control over your backups.
  • Unlimited Revisions – You can store an unlimited number of versions of the same file. And with advanced revision rules, managing your revisions is easy.
  • Restore Files 24/7 – Backed up data is useless if it can’t be stored quickly and easily. With BriteVault+, restoring files can be accomplished at any time with just a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Logs & Reports – BriteVault+ ‘s logs and reports let you know what was backed up when it was backed up and how much storage space you are using. If you want even more assurances, you have the option to receive automated email notifications on every successful backup.
  • Multiple Computers – With all BriteVault+ pricing plans, you have the ability to backup multiple computers from one main account for easy account maintenance. BriteVault+ also allows you to backup mapped drives.
  • Microsoft Exchange & SQL Server Support – BriteVault+ gives you the power to back up your critical Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL Databases.
  • Additional Plugins – In addition to the plugins for backing up Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SQL databases, BriteVault+ offers a free plugin that lets you backup your Microsoft Outlook .pst file as well as the free Microsoft BackupNow!