A Comprehensive Managed IT Service

BriteStar helps companies protect and manage IT Infrastructures through a superior combination of people, process and technology. With over 20 years of experience, let BriteStar be your Managed IT Service and support your organization.

BriteStar Results

BriteStar delivers results. Leave the IT to us and focus on your business.

Increased Employee Productivity

Unplanned downtime costs companies the competitive edge. BriteStar mitigates downtime with proactive IT help desk and support and impeccable response times backed by aggressive SLAs.

Improved Infrastructure Health

Aging and unmonitored infrastructures can be an organization’s weakest link. BriteStar’s 24/7 asset monitoring and proactive management gets ahead of any issues.

Enhanced Organizational Security

BriteStar focuses on securing organizations from the latest threats by utilizing enterprise level security tools and a team of expert security analysts.

Predictable Monthly Cost

Unplanned IT costs are never welcomed. BriteStar’s all-inclusive, fixed per person cost means no hidden surprises for any support.

“To be honest, I couldn’t be happier with what Brite offers and the timeliness of service. You hear the expression “you feel the love from a company” and I do with Brite.”

– General Manager, Country Club

“From our side, we switched to the backup environment and we really lost no time during that morning, which is huge,” said the information manager.“I’m completely and utterly thankful that we contracted with Brite.It’s been a great relationship for us.”

– Information Manager, Engineering Firm

“Our BriteStar Senior Technical Consultant really took the lead on all of [the move]. It would have been way too overwhelming for me. Brite laid out all the things we needed to do. They reached out to our internet and phone providers and ran the show – helping us bring all our technology over, which was awesome.”

– Vice President, Contracting Company

BriteStar Service

Tools are great, but they have no value without expert people and processes behind them.

Brite pairs outstanding people, proven process and industry best technology to provide customers a seamless managed IT service experience.

Front Line Support

BriteStar provides impeccable response times backed by aggressive SLAs to insure the business and users receive the support they need when challenges arise.

• 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

• 24/7 Unlimited IT Help Desk

• Experienced Team of Analysts

• Network and Security Operations Center

• Managed Microsoft 365

Proactive Support

The best defense is a strong offense. Utilize the proactive BriteStar approach to improve overall infrastructure health and security posture.

• Patch & Vulnerability Management

• PC and User Life-cycle Management

• Compliance Risk Assessment

• Monthly Technical Alignment

• Policy Implementation and Documentation

Strategic Support

Leverage decades of BriteStar expertise, stay ahead of evolving technology and plan for the future.

• Proven On-boarding Process

• Dedicated Strategic Consultant

• Monthly Optimization Assessment

• Quarterly Business Reviews

• IT Budget Roadmapping

BriteStar Components

Empower your organization and protect from the latest threats with enterprise level tools, all managed and monitored by Brite’s team of experts. Offset the tactical so you can focus on strategic initiatives that move your business forward.

Standard Package

Asset Management

Strategically manage all software and hardware assets for better planning, monitoring and security.

Device Health Monitoring

Continuously monitor all hardware to proactively prevent unplanned outages.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Protect your data with enterprise grade onsite and off-site replicated backup to ensure business keeps moving.

Email Management & Security

BriteStar provides critical email communications with Microsoft365 and protects the integrity with industry-leading email security technologies.

Enhanced Security
(Network, Data, Endpoint, Web)

Go beyond AV and a Firewall. Protect every aspect of the business with advanced network, endpoint, data and web security solutions, monitored and managed 24/7 by Brite’s experts.

Compliance Suite

Achieve compliance with major regulations including NYS SHIELD Act, NYS DFS, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Optional Services

Advanced Threat Detection

Automatically detect and prevent advanced threats from attacking your network.

Enterprise SOC

Brite’s 24/7 SOC provides a holistic view of security events across your entire network and quickly identify key areas that need urgent attention.

User Awareness Training

Enable your team to be the first line of protection against attacks and educate them to detect scam emails and take appropriate action.

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