Cyber Security for Public Safety

Brite’s comprehensive cyber security package leverages our enterprise expertise to protect public safety agencies against today’s cyber criminals.

By partnering with premiere cyber security manufacturers, Brite cuts through the clutter and advises departments on the best tools for their unique needs. Brite has created five areas of focus to help guide public safety organizations in creating a secure digital environment.


Areas of Focus:

Enterprise Backup


Disasters happen, attacks are inevitable. Reliable backup solutions for public safety agencies were previously expensive and difficult to maintain. Get departments up and running immediately with enterprise-grade backup and data protection.

Next Generation Endpoint


In today’s cyber security environment, a firewall alone will not cut it. Next generation endpoint solutions are easy to deploy, manage and are essential to protect departments at every point of entry.


Zero-Day Prevention


With greater than 80% of all malware categorized as unknown, signature-based anti-virus is ineffective. Brite’s zero-day prevention solutions protect departments against the latest threats, no matter what the category.


Secure Communication


For a mobile workforce, a secure and reliable line of communication is critical. Brite secures the communication to ensure maximum uptime, critical performance, and necessary protection.


Multi-Factor Authentication


CJIS requires multiple forms of authentication for public safety agencies’ mission-critical data. Brite’s multi-factor solutions are easy to use, provide flexibility and ensures only authorized access to data.