Intelligence Center

Solve crimes faster.


Brite’s Intel center lets agencies solve crimes faster with our Investigation Platform, Video Analysis, and Visual Operations Center to address each aspect of Intelligence gathering. Brite’s Intel Center is powered by industry leading partners such as Vigilant, BriefCam and Live Earth.



Investigative Platform

Brite brings Vigilant’s Investigative Platform to departments and provides actionable intelligence for agencies of all sizes through Plate Search, Facial Search, and Ballistic Search. Vigilant’s analytics, data and insights power investigations and helps solve crimes faster through a nationally shared database.


Video Analysis

Leverage existing video assets and save resources by analyzing hours of video in minutes. With Brite’s Video Analysis offering featuring BriefCam agencies can cut out the noise through advanced filtering and focuses on the target to solve crimes faster.


Visual Operations

Brite’s Visual Operations, centered around Live Earth, is a real-time incident management system. Live Earth visualizes one common operating picture from data feeds from multiple disparate systems on to a single interactive map. Combine all of your disparate systems and data sources into a single real-time, holistic view of your entire environment.