Investigative Platform

Brite’s Investigative Platform featuring Vigilant provides actionable intelligence for agencies of all sizes through Plate Search, Facial Search, and Ballistic Search. Vigilant’s analytics, data and insights power investigations and helps solve crimes faster through a nationally shared database.



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Investigative Platform Components:

Plate Search

Only Vigilant Solutions’ License Plate Recognition (LPR) platform includes powerful analytics that helps to complete the investigative triangle of person, plate, and location. That’s why agencies consider it a true force multiplier and essential law enforcement platform.


Face Search

Developed by law enforcement, for law enforcement Vigilant’s powerful facial recognition platform makes it easy for all agencies to use facial recognition technology to develop leads and solve crimes. Vigilant’s easy-to-use enhancement tools enable agencies to use even poor quality images that were once deemed unusable.


Ballistics Search

Agencies can now easily capture images of discharged cartridge cases and search and compare to other cartridge cases within the ballistic search nationwide gallery of cartridge cases in minutes.