Video Analysis

Transforming video into actionable intelligence

Less than 1% of surveillance video is actually reviewed, however, most Law Enforcement agencies are required to create expensive infrastructure around video. BriefCam offers a powerful set of video review tools for locating events of interest rapidly and accurately. Generate more leads and reach targets more quickly.

BriefCam’s users have used this technology to find bombing suspects within days of an incident, out of thousands of hours of footage from diverse camera feeds. Narrow down on suspects more efficiently by reviewing hours of video footage within minutes.


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How is Law Enforcement using this investigation tool?


  • Post-event and routine review of large quantities of video files analyzed in minutes, instead of hours
  • Indexing entire content for instant access to what needs to be found
  • True search engine for video (search for colors, objects, vehicle types, pathway, travel direction, etc)


  • Transforming video to “quantitative insights” for the business planning
  • Pinpoint events of interest


  • Real-time alerting engine
  • Proactive solution for security, safety, and business applications
  • Reach targets quickly and take the required action