Incident response centers across the country are filled with multiple screens showing different sets of information. Valuable time in emergency situations is often lost by jumping around to different screens when trying to evaluate a situation. 

Brite has recently partnered with Live Earth, a company who is changing how people interact with information by bringing disparate systems into a single view using an interactive map.  

Instead of toggling between screens, Live Earth automatically aggregates data from multiple systems onto a single interactive map, decreasing response times for key decision makers. Need to see road closures to find the fastest route? No problem. The live data feeds included with Live Earth allow you to see traffic, weather, and transportation. Additionally, agencies can easily incorporate their own private data, making Live Earth completely customizable to meet any organizational need. 

Incidents can unfold quickly, and sometimes you have to look back at your feeds. With instant replay, you can pause, rewind and replay your data to review recent events, reconstruct incidents and correlate events from multiple sources, saving you time and manpower. 

With Live Earth unifying all of your systems, devices, sensors and data streams onto a single interactive map, you get a comprehensive picture will be able to make unexpected connections that lead to new processes, efficiencies, and actionable intelligence. 

Live Earth brings a world of information at your fingertips with endless possibilities. Want to learn more about Live Earth? Register for our FREE Webinar and see how Live Earth can help your organization. 

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