Gigamon provides pervasive visibility into physical, virtual, and cloud environments so that an organization can see data in motion across an entire network. Companies use the Gigamon Visibility Platform to make it easier to manage, secure, and understand all their data, enabling stronger security and enhanced network performance.

With Brite’s extensive experience in a wide variety of environments and a highly skilled engineering team, you can be assured that Gigamon is properly deployed and integrated.



Enhance physical, virtual and cloud networks with pervasive visibility to better see and mitigate threats.

Visibility Platform for AWS 

Aquire, optimize and distribute selected traffic to security and monitoring tools to extend security posture and assuring compliance.


Extends the intelligence of the Gigamon Visibility Platform by enhancing the monitoring of network infrastructure and improving security tool performance.


Enhance and monitor network infrastructure and improve security tool performance.


Automatically detect and mitigate threats.