Palo Alto Networks

Preventing successful cyberattacks through a next-generation security platform.

Palo Alto Networks utilizes four key characteristics to enable the prevention of successful cyberattacks: Natively integrated  technologies that leverage a single-pass architecture to exert positive control; Automation of protection by creating and reprogramming security postures in real-time; Extensibility and flexibility  that allows for consistent protection as users move off physical networks; and Threat intelligence sharing  that enhances prevention and minimizes the spread of attacks.

With Brite’s extensive experience in a wide variety of environments and a highly skilled engineering team, you can be assured that Palo Alto is properly deployed and integrated.  


Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls gives organizations complete visibility and precise control over your network traffic, and protect organizations from unknown threats.

Virtualized Next-Generation Firewalls

A virtualized form factor of Palo Alto’s next-generation firewall that can be deployed in a range of public and private cloud computing environments.

Advanced Endpoint Protection

A multi-method antivirus prevention that protects users and endpoints from known and unknown threats.

Management (Panorama)

View all firewall traffic, manage device configuration, push global policies, and generate reports on patterns or incidents from one central location.


Add natively integrated protection from known and unknown threats both on and off the network.

SaaS Security

Gain full visibility into the activities of users and data while eliminating data exposure and threat risks.