Protect data from insider threats and cyberattacks in real-time with Varonis’ Metadata Framework. It has the elasticity to assimilate, synthesize and analyze metadata and platforms, and to automate the execution of sophisticated governance, migration, and retention tasks for human generated big data, using regular computing infrastructure. 

Brite’s deployment and implementation expertise combine with Varonis engineering certifications to ensure that an organization is getting the full value out of their investment and data is properly protected.  


Remove the risks associated with file permissions and auditing.

Data Classification Framework
Find where sensitive information is exposed and lock it down.

Data Transport Engine
Migrate data cross-domain or cross-platform, all while keeping permissions intact and even making them better.

Varonis Edge
Spot signs of attack at the perimeter.

GDPR Patterns
Automatically discover, identify, and classify GDPR data.

Detect suspicious activity across platforms in real-time.

Save time on access requests.

Automation Engine
Uncover detected security gaps and automatically repair them.

Secure file sync and mobile access without changing IT infrastructure, without moving data and without reconfiguring permissions – in about 30 minutes.

Get relevant search results to the right people and limit the risk of exposing sensitive information.