Protecting your ASSets

Today’s Brite Blog is brought to you by Jim Foos, a Public Safety Account Representative with over 5 years of industry experience.

From owning a business, to owning a vehicle or having a child, we all have valuable assets, some which are more important than others. We could all agree the value of life is the most valuable, especially when it is someone close to us. How do we protect this asset against criminals? How does Public Safety assure peace of mind to its community and residents? The answer may lie within technology that already exists known as LPR (License Plate Readers).

What is LPR?

LPR remains a hot topic of conversation, but the truth is the technology was developed to protect communities and provide Public Safety with cutting edge technology. This technology is used for investigative purposes to develop quality leads. The information that is being gathered is used to solve crimes such as auto theft, child abductions, terrorism and drug trafficking. More importantly, the goal of LPR is that this technology will be used as a proactive tool to prevent crimes before they happen. Ultimately using a proactive approach our communities will become safer and our assets protected.

Applying this technology to real situations

Think about areas of high traffic such as shopping centers and malls. Believe it or not these are targeted areas of crime no matter where the location. Individuals who may be wanted for a variety of crimes can roam free throughout these areas potentially becoming a threat your community, your family or you. If a LPR system has been installed public safety and law enforcement can be alerted when these threatening individuals are coming or going. Overall this technology provides peace of mind for businesses and communities while also protecting your assets.

Don’t believe me? We tried it at Eastview Mall in Victor, NY and the results from using this technology for only a few short months were remarkable.

Our recommended technology

We have worked with Vigilant Solutions to successfully deploy several LPR systems throughout the country. We have found with every additional LPR system, the value of the last installation increases as more and more data is being added to increase your asset protection.

I leave you with one final thought: How is your community being protected?


Need the answer? Give us a call and a representative from Brite would be happy to answer that question and any others you may have about this technology.