Gain Real-Time Insight with Brite’s Intel Center

To solve crimes. That’s every departments goal.  

Utilizing the right tools can help expedite the crime solving process.  However, with the ever-growing technology industry, finding the right tools that meet a department’s needs can be challenging.  To help with the technology discovery process, Brite has assembled the latest technologies into our Intel Center.  We vetted and partnered with four advanced technology partners that work together, or individually, to create a powerful command center to support and expedite departments efforts. 

The Intel Center includes a robust investigation platform featuring LPR and facial recognition, a revolutionary video analysis tool, integrated visual operations center platform and a drone software from industry leading partners Vigilant, BriefCam, Live Earth and Cape.

Let’s breakdown each technology to see how it helps law enforcement’s efforts.  

Investigative Platform with Vigilant

LPR technology has been around for some time now, however Vigilant’s beautifully developed backend analytics software helps generates leads like never before.  With access to both commercial and shared data, a partial plate or make and model can be used in generating leads.  From mobile and fixed cameras to command centers, Vigilant offers the whole package.  For example, a department in Pennsylvania took advantage of a trial of the software and was able to solve an open case of burglaries within hours.

Video Analysis with BriefCam

The ROI on video surveillance quickly shows as it creates evidence to help develop leads. The downside? Searching through hoursof video to find the right intel.  BriefCam allows for hours of footage to be reviewed in minutes while pinpointing people and objects of interest immediately.  And it’s not just a retroactive tool, use real-time video to generate situational awareness by sending notifications for things such as individuals entering restricted areas, toll and fare evasion, objects moving in the wrong direction and vehicles parked in drop off areas. Recently, Chicago PD used BriefCam in reviewing video footage leading to the identification of two suspects in the high-profile assault case involving actor Jussie Smollet. 

Learn more about BriefCam during our on-demand webinar – watch here.

Integrated Visual Operations Center with Live Earth

As law enforcements efforts shift to real-time and proactive, there are more feeds to manage.  Visualize critical information like route planning, indoor mapping, draw geofences, and live insights to find the information needed to rapidly respond to or mitigate incidents.  Live Earth solves the issue of maintaining each individually and consolidates multiple feeds into one.  Gain situational awareness and make informed decisions by integrating feeds such as:

  • Traffic flow
  • Traffic cameras
  • Weather
  • Lighting
  • Parking
  • Trains
  • Flights
  • Buses
  • HERE Floor Plans
  • Shot Spotter 

Learn more about Live Earth during our on-demand webinar – watch here.

Drone Software with Cape

Drones gained purpose in the military as a tool to enter an area without jeopardizing the safety and lives of personnel.  Today, other sectors can capitalize on that powerful technology to advance its efforts.  Drone allows for greater situational awareness during incidents such as search and rescue and suspect foot pursuits.  In the past, the challenge with utilizing drone technology was the delay from the initial incident call to getting to the scene.  Cape created the Cape Aerial Telepresence drone software allowing for customers to safely and easily control a drone in real-time piloted from the departments command center.  Public safety units such as law enforcement and fire departments are now able to have aerial telepresence to respond, manage and resolve incidents with an accessible and affordable technology.    

Learn more about Cape during our on-demand webinar – watch here.

Separately, all four tools provide further insight allowing for quicker intel and faster generation of leads, ultimately solving crimes faster than ever. Or the tools can be used together to create a powerful command center. 

Check out our collection of on-demand webinars and other resources here.  If your department is ready to start building its command center, then contact us to get in touch with your local rep.